1. Lecture-Recital: ToniMarie Marchioni

  2. Classical and Neoclassical Music for Oboe and Piano Duo: Robert Morgan

  3. Water Street Chamber Players

  4. Not Your Ordinary Oboe Quartet: Jennifer Hodges Bryan

  5. New Solo Works for Bassoon: Shawn Seguin

  6. Bassoon and Electronics: Jacob Fernandez (Isaac Mayhew)

  7. Bassoon-Flute-Piano Trios: Elizabeth Roberts

  8. Didgerassoon: Carl Rath

  9. New Music for Bassoon and Strings: Enid Trio

  10. Gala Concert: Jeffrey Rathbun, Barrick Stees, Peter Cooper, Keith Sweger, José Antonio Masmano, and Martin Kuuskmann

  11. 20th Century Music for Oboe and Bassoon: Nora Lewis and Peter Kolkay

  12. Isang Yun: New Appropriations for Bassoon: Lynn Hileman

  13. Oboe Recital: Sara Fraker

  14. Oboe Recital: Celeste Johnson

  15. Creating and Performing with Oboe and Electronics: Stuart Breczinski

  16. Con Moto - Oboe and Modern Dance: Courtney Miller

  17. Fantasia for Oboe and Organ: Amy Anderson

  18. Canadian Works for Oboe and Piano: Charles Hamann

  19. The Amazing Adventures of Ladybug Lady and Bumblebee Boy: Joseph Salvalaggio

  20. New Music for Organ and Double Reeds: Theresa Delaplain

  21. Double Reed Music by Christopher Weait

  22. Post-Haste Reed Duo Premieres of Drew Baker and Takuma Itoh: Javier Rodriguez

  23. Bassoon Recital: Scott Pool

  24. Evening Concert: Nancy Ambrose King, Andrew Parker, Kristin Wolfe Jensen, Marc Vallon, Marc Fink, Andrea Gross Hixon, Anna Hendrickson, Rodney Ackmann, and Michel Bettez

  25. Music by Brooke Joyce: Heather Armstrong

  26. Young Artist Bassoon Competition

  27. The Lyric Oboe & English Horn: Yu-Hey Kenneth Sze

  28. Pink Is the New Bach: Music by/for Fearless Modern Women: Ventae - Women’s Chamber Ensemble

  29. Selected Oboe Works of Ruth Gipps: Stephanie Carlson

  30. Oboe Recital: Sheri Mattson and Leah Forsyth

  31. Oboe Recital: Nermis Mieses

  32. Paris Concours B-Sides: Ryan D. Romine

  33. Bassoon Recital: Jeffrey Keesecker and Michel Bettez

  34. Exciting New Works for Oboe/English Horn and Portable Electronics: Dan Schwartz

  35. Baroque Recital: Christopher Brodersen and David Schreiner

  36. Oboe Music from Wisconsin and Peru: William Wielgus

  37. Glass Ghosts: More Music for Bassoon by Bassoonists: Michael Burns

  38. Winning Works from the Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competition

  39. Contraforte Around the World: Lewis Lipnick

  40. Moving On, Bridging Change: Three Works of Latin American Composers for Bassoon: Lia Uribe

  41. Bassoon Works by Great Opera Composers: Joseph Grimmer

  42. Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox Oboe Competition

  43. Spirited Wind Playing: The Performance Dimension: Wim Walker

  44. Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Oboe Section Recital

  45. Young Artist Bassoon Competition Winner Recital

  46. The Influence of Folk Music: Aaron Hill and Marc Vallon

  47. RK Bassoon Quartet

  48. Baroque Recital for Oboe and Harpsichord: Christian Schmitt

  49. Contraband Concert

  50. Evening Concert: Martin Schuring, Albie Micklich, Jeff Keesecker, Johanna Cox, Lewis Lipnick, Eric Speller, Saxton Rose, and Alex Klein

  51. US Army School of Music Woodwind Quintet

  52. Oboe Recital: Christa Garvey

  53. Works for Oboe, Alone and with Tape: Jennet Ingle

  54. Washington Street Trio

  55. All Star Double Reed Band

  56. Dueaux! - A Lagniappe of Works for Two Bassoons: Darrel Hale and Amy Pollard

  57. Messing with a Masterpiece: Questioning the Veracity of the 2016 Edition of the Poulenc Trio: Alan Huckleberry

  58. Totality: Brand-New Music for Bassoon and Piano: Michael Harley

  59. French and Spanish Duos for Oboe and Guitar: Sarah Roper

  60. The Chamber Music of Daniel Baldwin: Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Winds

  61. Reed Trios - Plugged and Unplugged: Benjamin Coelho

  62. Four States of Mind: A New Work for Oboe and Piano: Melissa Bosma

  63. Chiel Meijering’s Bassoon Concerto: “Perpetuate Transmigration”: Kathleen McLean

  64. Trifecta!: David Oyen

  65. Chicago School of Abstract Expressionism: Patricia Morehead

  66. Gala Concert: Peter Cooper, Yoshiyuki Ishikawa, Peter Kolkay, Samuel Bastos, Riccardo Terzo, Christian Schmitt, Ted Soluri, and Katherine Young Steele


IDRS 2017 Appleton, Wisconsin

The following recordings are not available for purchase (not authorized for release):

Oboe Recital: Ian Davidson

Music for Oboe and Bassoon: Margaret Marco and Isabel Jeremias

The 2 Contras: Richard Bobo and Susan Nigro

Paradise Winds
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